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Incognito Cinema Warriors: The Future of Riffing

It is simply a great time to be alive, especially if you love making fun of bad entertainment. It’s no secret that MST3K has influenced a generation of fans and comedians. One just has to look at the success of the crowd funding campaign for MST3K The Return. But what about those that choose to follow in the footsteps of Mike, Joel and the Bots?

Rifftrax, the official site for Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett has given voice to many amateur riffers on their site, but, like anything else, one particular group manages to stand head and tails above the competition. Enter the Incognito Cinema Warriors.

At a quick glance, the comparison to MST3K is obvious. A soldier is trapped in a movie theater by an insane scientist during the zombie apocalypse. In exchange for shelter from the hoards of undead, Rick Wolf and his robot friends are the subject of bad movies, shorts and video games and provide a running rifftastic commentary.

ICWXP, as the show is known in its short hand, takes its ques from MST3K, but ups the ante by providing a more adult oriented humor. They work a little bluer than the MST gang and seems to have more of a bite to it, but also like MST in its hey day, the show exemplifies the ideology behind independent cinema and the low budget, fly by the seat of your pants, doing it for the love of the craft style of film making.

Until very recently when they signed up for a patreon account, the show was done by people with day jobs, when they could do it, sacrificing time and money to pay homage to a show they obviously grew up with and loved. They are so good, in fact, that they even gained the attention of the Riff-Meister himself, Mike Nelson.

“These guys are good. Fast paced, funny riffing throughout. Now fellahs, would you please stop making my job look easy?”

And while their riffing of movies and shorts are fun and amazing, in my humble opinion, where these guys manage to make themselves stand out is their riffing of recent video games, especially on the Resident Evil remake.

If you have torn your way through MST3K: The Return and can’t wait between Rifftrax releases, why don’t you give these guys a chance. Check out their webpage here, and if you like them, consider throwing them a sheckle or two to show your appreciation and support this kind of indie entertainment.


We’ve Got Movie Sign! MST3K Announces Live Tour!

Get ready to join the Satellite of Love when Jonah, Tom, Crow and the gang take Kinga Forester’s newest experiment to a city near you. Joel Hodgeson, creator of MST3K, announced via Youtube a 26 city tour this summer beginning in July in Boston and wrapping up in August with a stop in Atlanta with the highlight being a 2 night engagement at the San Diego Comic Con. Jonah and the Gang will be taking on the seminal teen cave man story Eegah! Check out the announcement below followed by the full list of tour stops for the Mystery Science Theater 300 Live! Watch Out For Snakes Tour.

The full tour is as follows…

  • JUL 6 – Boston, MA (Eegah @ 7pm) 
  • JUL 7 – Philadelphia, PA (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • JUL 8 – New York, NY (Eegah @ 6pm / Secret Surprise @ 9:30pm) 
  • JUL 9 – Washington DC (Eegah @ 6pm / Secret Surprise @ 9pm) 
  • JUL 12 – Columbus, OH (Eegah @ 8pm)
  • JUL 13 – St. Louis, MO (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 14 – Royal Oak, MI (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm
  • JUL 15 – Milwaukee, WI (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • JUL 16 – Chicago, IL (Eegah @ 5pm / Secret Surprise @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 18 – Denver, CO (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 20 – Phoenix, AZ (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 21 – San Diego, CA (Eegah @ 7pm) 
  • JUL 22 – San Diego, CA (Secret Surprise @ 7pm) 
  • JUL 23 – Los Angeles, CA (Eegah @ 5pm / Secret Surprise @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 26 – San Francisco, CA (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 27 – San Francisco, CA (Secret Surprise @ 8pm) 
  • JUL 28 – Portland, OR (Eegah @ 8pm)  
  • JUL 29 – Seattle, WA (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • JUL 30 – Vancouver, BC (Eegah @ 7pm) 
  • AUG 1 – Salt Lake City, UT (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 3 – Kansas City, MO (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 4 – Minneapolis, MN (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • AUG 6 – Green Bay, WI (Eegah @ 7pm)
  • AUG 8 – Cleveland, OH (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 9 – Baltimore, MD (Eegah @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 10 – Richmond, VA (Secret Surprise @ 8pm) 
  • AUG 11 – Nashville, TN (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm) 
  • AUG 12 – Atlanta, GA (Eegah @ 7pm / Secret Surprise @ 10pm)