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Pacific Rim: Maelstrom – First Set Pics

Kaiju are everywhere these days. The American Godzilla was a hit with the Japanese following up with their own Shin Godzilla breaking Japanese Box Office records and Kong: Skull Island trailers making waves. However the daddy of the Kaiju resurgence is Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

While the movie didn’t light up the box office like many had hoped, it did well enough and has enough of a hard core following that the sequel, starring Force Awakens’ John Boyega is currently filming. Boyega tweeted out the first look at several set photos today, and I am once again excited to see the Jaegars take on a new set of giant monsters. Take a look!

John Boyega’s Twitter

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Knock Off Toys – The Worst Of Near Copyright Infringement

I love thrift stores, consignment warehouses and flea markets. I mean I REALLY love them. The thrill of the hunt and never quite knowing what you will find is a rush for my little collector heart. But among the myriad of awesome deals on old toys, games and movies, you are more than likely to run into a few toys that look oddly familiar yet wholly foreign. It is obvious that these toys where made to make a quick buck off of clueless parents looking for a quick and cheap toy for their kids. I’ve seen my fair share over the years, even bought a few that were just so outrageous that they had to be seen to be believed. Here are seven of the worst offenders that I have found will cruising the dark and weirder parts of the interwebs.

  1. Robert Cop – While his bigger brother Robo-Cop may have stolen the lime light, we have to give props to the every day ex-human cyborgs patrolling the streets.


2) E.T. Goes Pumping Iron – As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches this week, we all expect to add a few pounds. Thankfully E.T. has taken the appropriate steps to keep the calories off and go cruising for the ladies afterwards.


3) Episode 1 Han/C-3PO – You had one job, toy manufacturer…. 1 Job.


4) Super Cock – I really have no words for this one…. I just can’t right now.



5) Mow Gwai – Don’t get it wet, don’t expose it to sunlight and don’t teach it to say curse words.



6) Amicable Herculean – He may be a mutant turtle with a spear, but it seems like he may be a pretty decent fellow.



7) Ill Tempered Birds – Its not a sea bass, but these Ill Tempered Birds may make it in Dr. Evil’s organization.


Jamie Lee Curtis Comes Face To Face With Michael Myers For Halloween

This years Halloween may be behind us now and while some may be gearing up for Christmas and giving Thanksgiving a pass, that doesn’t mean the spooktacular season has to come to a close.

Horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis is busy with the second season of Fox’s Scream Queens. However, during directing an episode of the show, she took a few minutes to pose with some of her crew who felt it necessary to pay tribute to her Laurie Strode character from the legendary Halloween franchise.

Over at her official twitter, Curtis posted the following…

My crew suits up & shows up on Halloween. I have my director’s megaphone & whip & sensible shoes 🎃

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we love us some Jamie Lee Curtis (Activia commercials forgiven).