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Chucky Goes All Inception For New Sequel

Don’t fuck with the Chuck!

After the stunning cinematic suppository that was Seed of Chucky (I still defend Bride, but that is another article entirely), it was a welcome return to form of the popular killer doll franchise when Curse of Chucky returned to its outright horror roots, and it seemed to have done well enough to actually get a new sequel greenlit as well.

We have known the title for the 7th installment of the long running series, Cult of Chucky, for a while but little has been mentioned as to what the movie will even be about, until now.

Cult of Chucky will pick up right after the events of Curse with the wheelchair bound Nica, played by none other than Brad Douriff’s (Voice of Chucky and Charles Lee Ray) daughter Fiona Douriff, being blamed for the vicious murder of her family.

“[‘Cult of Chucky’] picks up the story of Nica after the bloodbath that happens in the last movie, and Nica has taken the wrap for all of Chucky’s murders,” Mancini told the Monsterpalooza audience. “She was sent to a mental institution, and after four years of shock therapy and drugs, doctors have convinced her that Chucky was just a delusion and that she had actually murdered her entire family.

“It’s a cool prescription for suspense, right?[…]Then her doctor complicates matters by introducing into her group therapy sessions…a Chucky doll.”

Chucky is such a versatile character that you can plug him into different sub genres,” says Mancini, who calls the new film surreal. “This one is the mind fuck, Chucky meets ‘Inception’ because you’re dealing with a bunch of characters whose perception reality is altered by their madness, the drugs that their on, and by hypnosis.”

And there is good news for the gore hounds out there…

“The gore effects in this movie….this is definitly the goriest of all of the movies,” Mancini stated while assuring the audience that he wasn’t pandering to them. “[This] wasn’t something [we] set out to do, it just sort of turned out that way.”

Cult of Chucky is due to hit our screens sometime around October.

Carrie Fisher To Appear In Episode IX

The sudden death of the beloved franchise great Carrie Fisher left many in the Star Wars fandom stunned and saddened. Thankfully, it was well known that Fisher’s role in Episode VIII had already been filmed, but many have been wondering just how Fisher would be written out of the franchise since Disney had pledged not to use a CGI version of her much like they did for Peter Cushing’s Governor Tarken. Well, we now have the answer. She won’t be.

Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd and Brother Todd Fisher has confirmed that Fisher will make an appearance in Episode IX saying “Both of us were like, ‘Yes, how do you take her out of it?’ And the answer is you don’t,” said Fisher at the opening night gala of the TCM Film Festival in Los Angeles. “She’s as much a part of it as anything and I think her presence now is even more powerful than it was, like Obi Wan — when the saber cuts him down he becomes more powerful,” Fisher also said. “I feel like that’s what’s happened with Carrie. I think the legacy should continue.”

“She’s in [Episode] VIII, and we’re not changing VIII to deal with her passing,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger of the upcoming “The Last Jedi” movie. “Her performance, which we’ve been really pleased with, remains as it was.”

It seems that Disney plans to re-purpose deleted scenes from both prior entries to create her role for the final film in the new trilogy. However it is not known how, to what degree or if they will eventually kill her off in the last installment to correspond with her potential absence in any further movies.

Sorry, Wrong Country – A Book Review

One of the biggest regrets that I have had in my 37 short years on earth is that I have never been in a financial situation to travel abroad, and having spent my life mainly in the Midwest (Indiana to be exact with the exception of a 6 month stint in Texas) there is so much of humanity that I have yet to be exposed to.

Thankfully, we have Facebook these days that can connect you, at least virtually, to all walks of humanity and some of my best online friends are from different countries. That however still only leads to a passing knowledge of what life is like in another country. Recently, however, I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of a new book called Sorry, Wrong Country by Greek author Konstantine Paradias.

The book is a work of what I will call Non-Fiction Fiction. What the hell does that mean, you ask? Well, it is plainly obvious, straight from the opening dedication, that short stories that populate the book are at least partially based on the peoples of Greece that Paradias’ has spent his life among. The lost, the interesting, the uninteresting, the sad, the crazy, the kooky and the downright mentally insane. But most of all it is a painting of the humanity that flows through a country that, in Paradias’ own words is “slowly but surely slipping off the edge of the First World. A country haunted by the American dream but caught in the net of Eastern values.”

The stories in Sorry, Wrong Country vary in size, but all are a very smooth read. It was an absolute blast getting to know these strangers in their quick vignettes, and with what little time the reader gets to spend with each of them, Paradias deftly paints and precise picture of who these people are and where they place in the tapestry of human existence. The stories range from joyous to heart wrenching and every emotion in between and whoever the reader is, no matter who you are, you are likely to find at least one story that you can take a look and find at least a small piece of yourself in.

My one complaint, however, is that there are several stories in the book that seem far too similar to each other that at one time I had to go back and make sure it wasn’t an accidental copying of a previous story, though that, I consider a very minor gripe.

Sorry, Wrong Country is a great read for people interested in people and with the size of the stories they can be taken in bite size chunks if you only have a few minutes to kill with a good book.

Sorry, Wrong Country is published by Rooster Republic Press. Click the link to pick up the book or check out their other publications.

John Simms To Return As The Master

HUGE news out of Britain today as one of New Who’s most beloved villains de-generates. Not literally, of course, but yes, you read the head line correctly, John Simm’s incarnation of the insane villain The Master returns to face off against The Doctor and his new companions in the latest season in one of the longest running shows in television history.

John Simm: “I can confirm that it’s true, thanks to the power of time travel I’m back.  It’s always a pleasure to work with this great team of people and I can’t wait for you all to see what The Master gets up to in the next series. “

Steven Moffat, writer and executive producer had this to say about the big news: “Nothing stays secret for long on Doctor Who but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see exactly what The Master is up to and how he makes his return to face the Doctor. It’s been a huge pleasure to have fan favourites John Simm and Michelle Gomez face to face in the same role! It’s not often you get to see a solo personality clash.”

No other details have come forth but from Moffat’s own words, can this be a hint that, much like the 50th anniversary special, we get to see The Master and Missy team up to take on The Doctor, His newest companion Bill Pots (Pearl Mackie) and Nardol (Matt Lucas)?

Of course the season will be chock full of other foes including the return of the Daleks, The Ice Warriors and, returning for the first time in nearly 50 years, The Mondasian Cybermen.

Bad Lip Reading Awakens The Force

With the recent Blu Ray release of one of the best Star Wars movies ever made, Rogue One, and so much fan furor over the impending Episode 8, the fandom has never been bigger, and that means that the parodies have never been funnier.

Bad Lip Reading, the group responsible for some of the best and gut bustingly funny videos on youtube, have just dropped their latest case of mistaken dialogue in the form of The Force Awakens.

Bad Lip Reading burst onto the scene during the 2012 election cycle and followed it up with several highly acclaimed NFL, music video and movie readings, my personal favorite being Yoda’s music video for “Seagulls (Stop It Now).

Check out the latest video below and go give those guys a subscribe, you wont be disappointed.

Deadpool Goes Ultra Meta In New Teaser Trailer

While Logan is being hailed as one of the best Comic Book movies of all time (after the abysmal X-Men Origins and The Wolverine), it seems that our hopes of getting Hugh Jackman as Wolverine one more time to pair with Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool is D.O.A. However, that simply wont stop Mr. Pool from taking another swipe at the Australian actor.

Paired with Logan, Fox drops one of the best teaser trailers ever right into our collective laps to hype up the Deadpool sequel that begins shooting May 1st in Vancouver, Canada. The trailer is rife with in jokes, meta humor and even gag straight out of Marvel’s long time rival, DC Comics. Plus, there’s even something for the ladies! (Or the guys, we don’t judge!)

Check out the teaser below. Deadpool 2 is slated for sometime in 2018.

Alien Covenant Trailer Drops

All right, kiddies. you know you have been waiting for the ball to drop for the latest installment of the prequel for the Alien franchise, well, GeekNerdery is standing right next to you with our mouths agape.

It’s been a couple years since we have seen any Xenomorph action (Very little hinted at us in Prometheus), but now we get a look at the origins of the Alien, and I for one am looking forward to this one! Check out the trailer for Alien Covenant Below!

American Horror Story To Tackle Trump

Never one to shy away from controversy, American Horror Story producer Ryan Murphy has announced that the next season of the beloved anthology series will take it’s cues from this years election.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Murphy let it spill that this season will be getting a tad political. When pressed if there will be a trump-esque character on the show, Murphy gave a very Trump like “Maybe”

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Trailer Drops

I’m a life long Marvel fan boy but one area that I think most can agree that DC is rocking Marvel’s socks off is its recently minted shared animated movie universe. Now, following amazingly quick on the heels of long anticipated Justice League Dark, DC is wasting no time in keeping its fans salivating by dropping the trailer for Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.

When the DC animated universe was originally conceived, the Judas Contract was one of the first story lines that WB Animation wanted to adapt. However, there were worries that an animated movie that didn’t involve big hitters of DC (Supes, The Bat, The JLA etc…) wouldn’t not be able to move sales of the flick.

However, after extremely positive reviews of its Justice League movies and most recently the great reviews and sales numbers of Justice League Dark, DC is dropping one of the Teen Titans best story lines straight into our collective laps.

The story is said to be thus – “Tara Markov is a girl who has power over earth and stone; she is also more than she seems. Is the newest Teen Titan an ally or a threat? And what are the mercenary Deathstroke’s plans for the Titans?”

The story has been done before in the Teen Titans animated show to high acclaim but with a family friendly bent, Now that the movies are taking on a more mature tone, it will be interesting to see how the Titans handle the betrayal and the coming of one of their biggest villains.

The Judas Contract is helmed by Jay Oliva, who is no virgin when it comes to art work and super heroes having done art work and story boards of Deadpool, BvS, the upcoming Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok.

Santa Clarita Diet – A Preliminary Review

Jesus-Jumped-Up-Joseph, Netflix! When the hell did you start going so right?

I admit that I bounce my subscriptions between Netflix and Hulu depending on the TV season, but with Netflix’s newest marathon-able sitcom, Santa Clarita Diet, it has earned a full time sub from me.

If you have been living under a rock, Santa Clarita Diet is the new Drew Barrymore half hour sitcom vehicle, but with a horror twist, and unlike Ash Vs Evil Dead, which, yes is very funny, Diet takes is subject matter with total heart, and human hearts.

Drew Barrymore stars as Sheila Hammond, a real estate agent who works along side her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant). One morning she wakes up dead, only to find out that, like a zombie is want to do, craves raw, human flesh. Olyphant is her doting husband who tries to desperately to keep his suburban life as normal as possible while dealing with the fact that he and his wife must now start killing people to keep her fed.

As this is a prelim review, I am only up to episode 4 of the season, which is still early in the process but I have to say this. When it comes to comedy, im a silent laugher. Im a smiler, a chuckler and Santa Clarita Diet has had me laughing hysterically during each episode.

Barrymore is amazing as she begins to accept her new lifestyle contrasted with Olyphant’s put upon, neurotic husband who is trying desperately to control his wife’s impulses while being the supportive and loving husband and father.

And with a revolving cast of supporting characters and cameos, both love-able and despise-able, this is one of the best acted and tonally perfected shows I have seen outside of the Marvel/DC TV shows in a good long while. Netflix, you’ve scored a new winner!


Star Wars Rebels Brings Fan Favorite Legends Story Into Official Lore

Oh Star Wars: Rebels, you really are winning my heart. After a jump-out-of-your-seat appearance by Grand Admiral Thrawn from Timothy Zahns trilogy of Star Wars Books known as the Thrawn Trilogy, more lore from Star Wars past is now official canon once again.

Zahn’s popular trilogy of books launched a line of over 100 canonical books that expanded on the universe created by George Lucas and with Rebels introducing one of the most memorable characters, Grand Admiral Thrawn, into the official canon, we wouldn’t have to wait long before Disney started to bring in more of the beloved stories into this new expanded universe.

In episode 13 of this season (season 3), noticed that an ancient conflict known as the Mandalorian War was quickly slipped in under our radar when Kanan Jarrus drops the bomb saying that “History lesson: The Jedi won the war with Mandalore,” bringing the bloody war first introduced in Bioware’s epic Knight of the Old Republic video games into Disney’s fold and of course that also could potentially bring Darth Revan who, spoilers mind you, gave gamers one of the biggest twist endings since The Sixth Sense.

Now, Revan isn’t officially official yet, but the mere mention of the Mandalorian War brings all kinds of possibilities to the table for expansion of dozens of stories and characters from the much beloved Legens universe back into the Star Wars family but giving Disney the freedom from being restrained by all that lore.

Episode 8 Gets A Name – The Last Jedi

It is just under a year away from the release of Star Wars Ep. 8 and Disney is just starting to get the hype machine rolling by revealing what the official sub-title will be – The Last Jedi.

The name implies what we already know , that Luke is officially the last Jedi in existence, sine Rey is not yet a Jedi, but known to be force sensitive. However that is all that Disney is telling us by keeping the mouses lips sealed tight.

If this implies that Luke dies and leaves Rey as the last Jedi or could refer to them both  since Jedi is both singular and plural. Of course that is all speculation at this point.

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15th.

Tremors 6 Confirmed

You just can’t keep a good man giant man-eating worm down. Michael Gross confirmed on his facebook page that, following the relative success of Tremors 5, Tremors 6 begins shooting next week.

Nothing is known about the plot, but it would be a pretty safe guess to say that it will be a direct continuation of part 5 as both Gross’ Burt Gummer and Jamie Kennedy’s Travis Welker will return and shooting will once again be in Africa under the guidance of Don Michael Paul who also directed part 5.

No release date has been announced, but I would wager that we will be seeing the Graboids once again sometime by the end of the year.

Peter Dinklage Joins Infinity War

The final Avengers romp is already jam packed with heroes, villains and other talent, but to this reporter, there is ALWAYS room for some Dinklage!

You are reading that right, Variety  is reporting that fan favorite Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage has signed on to play an as yet un-named “Key Role” in the upcoming mega movie.

This is not the first time Dinklage has graced a Marvel movie, having played X-Men villain Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Of course, with the X-Characters firmly in the grasp of Fox, it is safe to say that Trask will not be showing up Infinity War, and it is doubtful that Dinklage would be taking advantage of his size and playing fan favorite Canadian hero Puck (who he was rumored to be playing in DoFP).

So what do you think? Will Dinklage finally be playing a super powered character or a human this time around? Let us know below

Nightmare On Elm Street: The Comics That Freddy Forgot – Innovation Comics PT 2

In part one of this post I took a look at the first two issues of Innovation Publishing’s Nightmares On Elm Street comic line. If you haven’t read that post, check it out here.

The first two issues expanded on several aspects of the world Freddy inhabits and reintroduced us to one of Freddy’s survivors, Neil Gordon, and brings back Nancy Thompson in the form of a Dream Guardian.

However just as the arc brings us some interesting ideas and only seems to just begin the second act of a larger story, it ends like a door slammed in your face, raising an even bigger question that, unfortunately never gets answered.

Issue 3 of the series sees the return of Alice Johnson and her young son, and former Freddy target, Jacob as they return to Springwood following the death of Alice’s father. In the 6 years since the events of Dream Child, Springwood has began its transformation into the ghost town that we eventually see in Freddy’s Dead and now a new killer is on the loose.

We are quickly introduced to a new character Devonne. It is quickly made clear that there is something off about Devonne as one panel is shown from her viewpoint, looking down on Jacob who is eerily missing his skin.

We also find out that Jacob’s encounter with Freddy in the womb (and in the Babyscape) left him with psychic powers. The extent is never really defined, but he does seem to be able to read people minds, see their memories and pull people in and out of the dream dimension.

Freddy, meanwhile, has been plotting a grand scheme to once again use Jacob to bring Freddy out of the dream dimension so he can spread himself beyond the boundaries of Springwood. It turns out that Freddy has been using Devonne to kill in his name and feed him the souls of her victims (how this works is never explained, so just kind of take it for granted that it works) and now that Jacob is back in Springwood, he wants Devonne to bring him to her.

As word begins to spread of another missing child, Dream Child survivor Yvonne returns, fearing that Freddy may be involved somehow. Yvonne and Alice go hunting for Neil Gordon, hoping to contact Nancy in The Beautiful Dream to help stop Freddy, but they are playing right into Freddy’s glove.

Meanwhile in the Nightmare, Freddy tries to convince Jacob that he can help bring back Jacob’s father, former Freddy victim Dan, from the dead if Jacob agrees to help bring Freddy out of the dream world, all while planning a final confrontation with Nancy and Alice.

Freddy sends out Devonne to kill Alice and Yvonne in the real world before they manage to track down Nancy and Neil, not knowing that they already have. Devonne tracks them down to the hospital where Neil has been in a coma for years with Nancy protecting him from The Beautiful Dream. Neil wakes up when he hears the name Freddy and tells Alice that she needs to come to Nancy in the dream world with Neil.

Yvonne drugs Alice, putting her to sleep as Devonne begins massacring the hospital staff, making her way to our heroes. Inside the dream, however, Alice confronts Freddy once again, taking us to familiar locales like Freddy’s boiler and the Church from the finale of Dream Master. However this time, Freddy takes the Alice in Wonderland comparison to the next level, creating a nightmarish version of Wonderland.

Separated from Alice in the dream, Neil comes face to face with the Dream Warriors, Neil’s patients at Westin Hills, whose souls have been trapped in the dream dimension. As the story begins to wrap up, Freddy, in the form of The Jabberwocky, tries to force Jacob into pulling him out of the dream. Nancy, Jacob, Neil and Devonne team up to stop Freddy in an epic battle against his Jabberwocky form.

The book ends with a nice wrap up of Alice and Jacob’s story as Jacob pulls Dan’s soul into the body of Neil who chose to stay behind with Nancy and the family lives happily ever after.

Innovation would continue to publish two more arcs, an adaptation of Freddy’s Dead and a continuation called Nightmare On Elm Street The Beginning that featured Maggie, Freddy’s daughter, returning to Springwood to discover Freddy’s origins. However before the final issue of Beginning could be published, Innovation filed for Bankruptcy and closed their doors, leaving their magnum Nightmare opus incomplete.

Nightmares was a fun ride, expanding on the material that we all loved and finishing up Alice and Jacob’s story which, personally, I always felt was incomplete in the movies and gave a happy ending for Nancy and Neil all while creating a much larger universe that was sadly left unexplored by Innovation’s bankruptcy.

I have not been able to get my hands on copies of Freddy’s Dead TPB or the 2 available issues of The Beginning, so I can’t comment on them, but considering the excellent writing and the obvious love that was put into Nightmares, I can only imagine that they are must find reads.

After Innovation’s run, New Line Cinema would give the Nightmare license to Trident Comics, a UK only publisher who would reprint the Marvel 2 issue comic line and Innovation’s issues. Following Trident Freddy would find himself in the hands of Avatar Press, written by Evil Ernie creator and Chaos Comics! found Brian Pulido 13 years later.

Currently Freddy’s adventures are under the control of DC comics’ Wildstorm imprint and, as of this writing, his last comic appearance was in Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors that would bring together a large ensemble cast from the Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street movies.

Hopefully we will see more Freddy gracing the comics soon. Maybe next I’ll take a look at the Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash comics. Have you read Innovation’s run? Let us know in the comments below!


Nightmare On Elm Street: The Comics That Freddy Forgot – Innovation Comics Pt 1

You just simply keep a good slasher down. Throughout 8 movies, a shitty remake and a Tales From The Crypt-esque style syndicated television show, not to mention millions and millions of dollars worth of merchandise, Freddy Krueger has haunted the dreams of the world for more than 30 years.

Now that the movies are seemingly over, at least for the foreseeable future, I decided to take a look back at some of the other mediums that Freddy has dreamed his way into, especially in the world of Comics.

In 1991, the same year that Freddy’s Dead hit theaters, independent publisher, Innovation Comics, obtained the rights to publish a new line (pun intended) of stories featuring the Springwood Slasher. This would take the form of 3 story arcs.

The first 2 arc, published in Nightmares on Elm Street, take place between Nightmare 5 and Freddy’s Dead. While fairly run of the mill in the art work department, the stories massively expand on several ideas that were never fully fleshed out in parts 3 through 5, namely the physics, rules and realms of the dreamscape.

The first arc (issues 1 and 2) features an all new character, Cybil Houch, a Jack The Ripper researcher. Cybil has been having nightmares of The Ripper for weeks as he stalks her in her dreams.

Through Jack’s exposition we learn that he was also a Freddy like figure, possessing powers much like his, though the extent of them aren’t spoken of in much detail. That in itself could have been a very interesting comic in itself as it hints at dream monsters throughout mankind’s history.

We come to find that Cybil was a one time college room mate of Nancy Thompson. As Nancy’s home begins to appear in her Freddy induced nightmares she decides to hunt down her room mate, only to find out that she had died several years later.

Cybil tracks down Dr. Neil Gordon from Nightmare 3 who is currently working on dream therapy after his run in with Freddy. Neil realizes that Freddy is once again killing and rushes to Cybil’s aid after she falls asleep while on the phone with him.

Neil decides to take Cybil into the dream world and finds Nancy alive and well in what she calls “The Beautiful Dream”, a sort of Anti-Nightmare that Freddy can’t touch. Nancy has been protecting Neil for years from Freddy and growing in her powers as a dream protector, but not yet strong enough to take on Freddy.

Towards the end of the arc, we also discover that, aside from The Beautiful Dream and The Nightmare, there is a 3rd dreamscape. This plane is reserved for the dreams of the unborn, where babies, still in their mothers womb reside in their perpetual dream until birth.

The 3 face off with Freddy for a “final” showdown in what I am calling The “Babyscape” with an abrupt ending that  comes out of nowhere and leaves you confused as to what really just happened.

The story is finished in the following arc, but we as the reader don’t know that at first and until I was able to finally read the next four issues, I was seriously disappointed in what was clearly an end to that particular story.

The first two comics are interesting from a story perspective for a few reasons…

One of the biggest points of confusion for me with the Nightmare series was part 4. While one of the best of sequels, right behind 3 in my opinion, it always seemed like there was a bigger story that was left on some part of the cutting room floor. In particular the idea that was only hinted on of the Dream Gate Guardians when Freddy tells Alice that he has been guarding his gate for a long time after she assumes her mantle as The Dream Master. This idea however is central to the story in Nightmares as we learn that Nancy is the guardian of the Beautiful Dream while Freddy is the guardian of The Nightmares.

Of course this also raises a question that, as Nightmare Guardians have been around throughout mankind’s history, has there also been a Beautiful Dream guardian as well, and what about the Babyscape? Is there a guardian for that as well?

The final panel of issue 2 also raises the question that, since Freddy is stuck in Springfield, are there other Nightmare Gate Guardians elsewhere in the world, possibly stuck in their respective killing fields, still haunting the dreams of those that live there. Questions we may never find the answer to.

Personally I loved that the books touched on things that were presented in Nightmares 3, 4 and 5. There was enough familiarity in the comics to make it seem like we were coming back to a world we were already familiar with while presenting new ideas and expanding on ones already presented.

All in all the first story arc in Nightmares On Elm Street does a wonderful job on expanding on the universe of the Elm Street movies and reunite us with some of our favorite Freddy survivors. The artwork, while certainly nothing special, gets the job done and, for an independent publisher, isn’t too bad.

If you are interested in these books, they are available on ebay and amazon, but can run on the slightly pricey side of things. If the price deters you, there are always ways to read them. The internet is a big, big place.

In Part 2 we will be taking a look at the next 4 issues of the 6 issue run of Nightmares, how it abruptly throws us into a new, yet familiar story and expands the universe even further, but until then, sweet dreams!



New Images Released Of Pennywise In It Remake

Well, it is still happening. The remake of IT rolls on with its production and now we have a couple of new images of this version of Pennywise. Now, nothing will ever beat Tim Curry’s version, but this one looks like they are going for a more overtly sinister version in his clown form this time around.

I am sure I will see this one when it hits VOD or Blu-Ray, but now I just kind of want to go watch the original again. What are your thoughts on this new killer clown?


Why Horror Movies Are No Longer Scary – An Editorial

If it is one thing that fandoms like to do is bitch and moan about their particular obsessions, how it doesn’t live up to the experiences and the expectations one had when they were first introduced to whatever their fandom is and one of the most vocal and unapologetic is the horror community.

Their biggest complaint is that horror movies made today simply aren’t scary anymore. I personally love horror movies, as do, I am sure, a lot of you reading this. The first horror movies to scare the hell out of me were Return of the Living Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

I saw these at a very young age when home video was in its infancy and I still believed what the television had to show me was real. I mean, I still believed that some fairy came in the night and took the teeth that had fallen out of my face and traded it for money, so I was not the most logical of humans when I was 6 years old.

Now I go back and watch those same movies and I laugh along with the joke that they are laying out. It is well known that both of those movies are more comedy than horror with some wonderful gore elements thrown in for us hounds, but that got me to thinking, why don’t I find these movies scary anymore? What ever happened to that sense of foreboding and dread that circled my gut when I see something horrific on the screen and I came to the conclusion that I simply grew up.

That’s not to say that I lost the love for the genre. If anything it has grown since then because I understand the magic behind the scares. Also what scares me has drastically changed since that point of my life.

To me the slasher style killers like Jason and Michel Myers are just fantasy, but people like Sy the Photo Guy from One Hour Photo terrify me. I didn’t take my film to be developed for 2 years after I saw that movie.

Obsession scares me. Several years ago I had my own stalker and working in the news industry where I have watched my co-workers being stalked and have seen the less than stable public who flock to news personalities scare me more than some random knife wielding masked killer. It is the reality to the situation and I can see myself as the person being threatened.

If zombies scare you, I’m sure zombie movies will scare you, however if witches, tooth fairies, aliens and the like don’t scare you, it’s highly unlikely that The Blair Witch Project, Darkness Falls or Signs will do it for you. I don’t go to these movies to be scared, because I know its not going to happen. Gross me out, maybe, creep me out, sure, but not scare me. I’m an adult, not a child. Super natural threats don’t exist, so there is no fear to coincide with seeing such movies.

Also, one has to look at the underlying issue of the fear. If you are afraid of zombies, what about them scares you? You understand that it is someone in extensive makeup and effects, but what about the undead sends that chill up your spine? It is probably a fear of death, being consumed, or changed without your consent.

As an adult you have to look deeper at the fear, because as a kid we are so emotional to begin with that our fight or flight response gets triggered easier when we we are faced with these kind of images.

We as horror fans, ADULT horror fans that is, look at these movies through the wistful eyes of our child hood and pine over the time when these movies had power over us, because we believed what we were seeing. Return of the Living Dead destroyed several years of my life because it said “Based on True Events” at the beginning of the movie which has now been removed from modern releases, at least I have not seen one with that graphic since childhood except for screen shots of the original release. It was because I believed what I could see on TV and that it would not lie to me that I believed that zombies could happen.

Now I know that zombies aren’t real, dead girls won’t crawl out of my TV when I pop in a mysterious VHS and a I won’t be possessed by a demon in an old, scary house so there is no chance for these kind of movies to engage my fear response on a deep level and give me the thrills of my childhood.

That is why, I believe, that movies like the Chucky series, The Freddy movies and others began to emphasize the more comedic aspects to the horror. They are still doing grotesque things to innocents, but the same scares that their core audience (those that saw these movies when they were young) no longer worked, and comedy and horror are intrinsically tied to one another on a very base level in the primordial mind.

I do miss those feelings, that terror that crept up my spine when I watched Freddy Krueger stalk the dreams of teenagers, or watching Dracula bite deep into the neck of a virgin, but like so many things, that flood of terror from watching these movies are sadly lost to ravages of adulthood but I can still look back on that time and appreciate what it did to and for me and I can share that same feeling that I had at that age with my nieces and nephews when, against their parents’ wishes, I pop in a copy of Night of the Living Dead and scare the shit out of them.

New Teaser Confirms Duck Tales For 2017

Everything old is new again, and thank what ever god you hold dear for that! Like many of you, I grew up on a steady diet of The Disney Afternoon (my internet handle is DarkwingMantis after all) and one of the finest pieces of original Disney television animation is making a comeback!

Disney has been talking about a revival of the fan favorite Duck Tales in 2017 for a year or two and now we finally have rock solid confirmation in the form of a teaser.

Duck Tales centered around billionaire Scrooge McDuck and his clan having adventures, seeking out treasure and fighting an eclectic assortment of bad guys who all wanted a piece of his money bin.

Not much is known about the new revival or how many of the original cast will be returning. Alan Young, the original voice of Scrooge McDuck sadly passed away in may this year after returning to the franchise, reprising his role for the Duck Tales game remaster.

I personally am hoping that if this is a hit we could see a revival of some of the other Disney Afternoon franchises (Darkwing Duck especially)!

Check out the teaser below!

Firefly and Barney Miller’s Ron Glass Passes at 71

Seriously, 2016 can take a damn long walk off a short peer. Ron Glass, star of Barney Miller and the immensely popular Firefly has passed away at the age of 71. No word yet on the official cause of death, but Glass’ health had been steadily declining the last few years.

Though Glass had been reluctant to get into the Sci-Fi genre because of the heavy make-up involved, his first turn in the genre was a guest role on Star Trek:Voyager.

There was something on the bridge of my nose and then I had some ears, but the makeup was so good, it made a huge difference. The experience was really, really enjoyable. I just loved it.

Glass found a new fandom when he joined the cast of the wildly popular Firefly as the resident man of the cloth, Shepherd Book.

“The Firefly and Serenity fans are just unbelievable,” Glass said. “They are so loyal and supportive and enthusiastic. They have just kept me soaring.”

In a year full of losses this one hits me hardest. I personally grew up watching Barney Miller with my father and finally got around to watching Firefly this year, not to mention he is a native of Evansville, Indiana, my current home.

Lost my love, lost my land
Lost the last place I could stand
There’s no place I can be
Since I’ve found Serenity

You will be missed, sir.