Geek Nerdery Trailer Park: E3 2017 Edition

We love ourselves some movies around here but we also love us some video games.  Below are trailers just released for some new games coming out of E3 2017.  Here is what we’re excited for.  What are you excited for?

Star Wars Battlefront II

People loved the first one but the main complaint was there was no real single player mode.  Well EA listened and now it appears they loaded this game with just about everything you could want in a Star Wars game.  New Legend Characters for multiplayer, new story single player mode, and the best looking new levels.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

I love the AC games and now we get to go back to the beginning.  We’ll be running around ancient Egypt and I’m going to guess find out the mystery of the Sphinx.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

A few years ago I thought some of the most beautiful graphics belonged to Ori And The Blind Forest.  After playing the game I also thought it was one of the most heartbreaking stories.  Now Ori is back and the heartstrings are already being tugged with this trailer.

Super Mario Odessey and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

We got a few trailers for some new Mario properties.  New Nintendo system always means new Mario games.  Rejoice!

Marvel’s Spider-Man

The older Spider-Man games pushed comic book based games forward.  In the last few years it’s been the Batman Arkham games.  Now it looks like Spider-Man is fighting to get back to the top of the mountain while borrowing a little from the Batman games.  The game play seems to be a sped up version of the battle system of the Arkham games which works for Spider-Man’s quick fighting style and sneak attacks.  This will be a must buy for me.  Not liking the white spider logo on the suit though.

Metroid: Samus Returns

While they did tease a new Metroid game for the Switch is in development players will at least be able to get their Metroid fix on the 3DS with Metroid: Samus Returns.  Back is the more side scroller the original had but a lot more tricks seems to be up Samus’ sleeve.


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