Weathering WildStorm : Gen13 Vol. 1

When the powers that be at Geek Nerdery asked me to write a little something for the site, they didn’t know that I’d been diligently hard at work mapping out the chronology of the WildStorm Comics Universe. As soon as I let that slip, they said “Bring it on!” in not so many words.

Bit of background: the WildStorm Universe started as part of the Image comics in 1992. It eventually splintered off into it’s own universe and was sold to DC as an imprint. WildStorm was officially closed down in 2011. The most well known series were “WildC.A.T.s,” “Gen13” and “the Authority.” I hit back issue bins, raided my own long box, found some trade paperbacks, hit Comixology (as well as some less desirable sites) to try an arrange the WildStorm books into a single 19 year narrative. Now I’m going back and re-reading these stories again to make sure I got it right. This is something I’m oddly passionate about, and if sorting through thousands of comics and coming up with a timeline doesn’t qualify as Geek Nerdery, I’m not sure what does.

We’re picking up in the middle of the WildStorm’s first big story arc, and with my favorite series (until “the Authority” came along) “Gen13” with it’s first five issue mini-series.

At long last, John Lynch becomes the hero that he was always destined to be! I mean, we still have almost the entire page run of “Gen13” Vol. 1 before we get to that! And it’s about damn time! It might be obvious, but much of how the early part of my reading chronology is arranged is watching the heroic rise of John Lynch. Look at the section named “Part 1 : WildStorm Rising” and you’ll find “Gen13” Vol. 1 right smack in the middle of it! Maybe I’m not being clear, but “Gen13” was one of my favorite books when I was younger, with “WildC.A.T.s” being a close second and I always thought a lot about John Lynch and his history.

I fanboyed hard for this book, I even bought 2 copies of each issue so I could cut out the coupon and mail away for what ended up being “Gen13” Vol. 2 issue 0. I gave my cut up versions to my Cousin Sean, just to spread that WildStorm love! I remember getting that 1/2 issue from my friend Randy because I’d missed out on that issue of “Wizard.” I should reverse that, at the time Randy wasn’t my friend, but a good acquaintance who was also into comics and ska music who I formed a solid friendship with years later. But issues 0 and 1/2 are still a bit of time away, for now, we need to get to issue 1!

This issue opens in the late ’70s with Stephen and Rachael Callahan getting taken down! In front of their children, lil Matthew and Nicole, how horrible! Even worse, Frank Colby was the trigger-man on Stephen! Well, that might be worse for us, see, we know both of these characters, I’m not sure at that time if Colby knew Callahan or not, but he did need to be convinced to pull that trigger. After that, the team from I/O brings in the kids as instructed, fulfilling Dane’s warning in “Team 7: Dead Reckoning” that “Craven wants your children.”

I start to get really in depth, and we don’t need that cluttering the page, so obviously, a lot more after the jump!

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REVIEW: I Am Your Father

A little while ago, in a city within driving distance of my home, I met David Prowse –the one and true Darth Vader– for upwards of a minute after I paid either him or his handler the mandated $15 for an autographed picture. There is photographic proof of this encounter somewhere. Of course I knew who he was, but frankly at the time, I was more excited to meet Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew and of course, Ray Park, whose face was on my undergarment at the time of meeting him…full if not completely unnecessary disclosure.

I digress.

My point being any Star Wars fan worth their salt knows who David Prowse is. That he spends almost every weekend (according to the documentary) at a con or fan festival does nothing but further reinforce this fact.

So why I Am Your Father feels as though it needs to redeem the man behind the most recognizable mask in the known world had me curious. And with Rogue One less than a month away, I gave it a shot.

The documentary itself has a few thesis points that it wants to make. Questions they want answered are: Who is David Prowse the man? Why wasn’t his the face we saw at the end of Jedi? Did Lucasfilm wrong him? Who or what is the…ahem…”force” responsible for David Prowse not yet receiving an invitation to any of the official Star Wars Celebrations?

Writer/Directors Toni Bestard and Marcos Cabota do their best to answer these questions along the way while trying to build up the mystery of whether or not David Prowse will be part of the unmasking Vader scene re-shoot.

I’m not sure how I feel about the overall success of their mission. Yes, they fill in the blanks to all the questions they want answered (to the best ability of anyone willing to talk to them) , and SPOILER ALERT: Mr. Prowse totally agrees to be in the re-shoot, but the whole thing feels a little scattershot in the end. As though they’re telling you the story first hand, but keep going off on tangents before getting back to their focus,  and “oh but also we forgot this part which may or may not be relevant by the end”.
The filmmakers say they wanted to give back recognition to him for his contribution to the Star Wars legacy. With the exception of the official Star Wars cons snubbing and infamously being replaced as Anakin by Sebastian Shaw, I personally don’t see where he isn’t getting it, even within the doc itself.

Yes, there seems to be a still open wound inside of him about his face and voice being switched that just doesn’t want to heal. And yes,maybe the filmmakers want to help repair that by re-shooting the final scene and showing it to a small group of people, but end of the day, if you’re holding on to a grudge for THAT many years, will re-shooting that scene with new actors only to be viewed by a handful of people ever really fix you?

It’s an interesting watch as it gives you a brief recap of his life and career (I took special joy in finding out that his wife considers Star Wars to be an intrusion on their life together…even HIS marriage isn’t immune). The film itself doesn’t give any big reveals to Star Wars buffs who might be looking for extra behind the scenes details. Also, due to rights, you never actually see all of the finished re-shoot. Still, I’ve spent an hour and a half doing much worse things. (Looking at you Episode I.)

I Am Your Father is currently streaming on Netflix.

Firefly and Barney Miller’s Ron Glass Passes at 71

Seriously, 2016 can take a damn long walk off a short peer. Ron Glass, star of Barney Miller and the immensely popular Firefly has passed away at the age of 71. No word yet on the official cause of death, but Glass’ health had been steadily declining the last few years.

Though Glass had been reluctant to get into the Sci-Fi genre because of the heavy make-up involved, his first turn in the genre was a guest role on Star Trek:Voyager.

There was something on the bridge of my nose and then I had some ears, but the makeup was so good, it made a huge difference. The experience was really, really enjoyable. I just loved it.

Glass found a new fandom when he joined the cast of the wildly popular Firefly as the resident man of the cloth, Shepherd Book.

“The Firefly and Serenity fans are just unbelievable,” Glass said. “They are so loyal and supportive and enthusiastic. They have just kept me soaring.”

In a year full of losses this one hits me hardest. I personally grew up watching Barney Miller with my father and finally got around to watching Firefly this year, not to mention he is a native of Evansville, Indiana, my current home.

Lost my love, lost my land
Lost the last place I could stand
There’s no place I can be
Since I’ve found Serenity

You will be missed, sir.

CW Drops A Full Length Super Hero Crossover Trailer

The date is finally nearing and The CW has dropped a full length trailer for the Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends Of Tomorrow crossover.  It shows us a lot more of what the threat is and what we have in store.  How Supergirl makes it onto Earth 1 is still unknown but we’ll get to see what is probably our best bet for the live action Justice League on TV now with the DC movies in full swing.  So feast your eyes below and get ready for November 28th.

TLH Episode 64 – Black Mirror: Season 3 (Part 2)

This week we take a look at the second half of Black Mirror season 3. Does it hold up? Is it better than seasons 1 and 2? Do the three of us feel like horrible people now? Listen and find out.

We also discuss some random watches including Arrival, The Howling, The Walking Dead, Lost, Lights Out, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, Last Shift, Para Elisa, and The Mutilator.

Listen to the episode here.
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Don’t Breathe Blu-Ray Review

If you missed it in theaters then I’m happy to tell you that Don’t Breathe hits dvd and blu ray on November 29th and my friends at Sony were kind enough to send over a copy for me to check out.

Don't Sleeve Trio

The movie itself is great.  I saw it in the theater and loved it and it hasn’t changed on disc.  It is so full of tension and dread that it’s perfect any horror fan.  This film takes the idea of the home invasion film and flips it on its head.  Here a trio of theives break into a blind man’s house for what they think is an easy score only to find out that the blind man may be more than they bargained for.

The production design and sound design on this film are outstanding.  Sometimes it makes you scared to breathe it’s so quiet and then so tense that the sound feels like it’s about to burst your ear drums.  Steven Lang does a great job as the blind man.  He makes it believable and flat out scary that someone like this could exist.

The special features on the blu ray are a little lackluster.  I had hoped for a more but sadly retail releases are becoming less and less robust as digital content has taken over.  For us that still love physical media it makes me sad.  It has 5 featurettes that are about 5 minutes apiece.  After hearing Fede Alvarez on the Shock Waves Podcast I was looking forward to diving into and breaking down this story but we only get a quick look at different aspects of the film like the cast, set, sound, etc.  It’s better than nothing but I would have loved more.

Overall I would still recommend this as I love the movie and that alone is worth a purchase whether it’s a digital purchase or a physical one.  I do recommend turning off all the lights and putting away all distractions.  Follow the Blind Man into his world and hope that he lets you out.


Pacific Rim: Maelstrom – First Set Pics

Kaiju are everywhere these days. The American Godzilla was a hit with the Japanese following up with their own Shin Godzilla breaking Japanese Box Office records and Kong: Skull Island trailers making waves. However the daddy of the Kaiju resurgence is Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

While the movie didn’t light up the box office like many had hoped, it did well enough and has enough of a hard core following that the sequel, starring Force Awakens’ John Boyega is currently filming. Boyega tweeted out the first look at several set photos today, and I am once again excited to see the Jaegars take on a new set of giant monsters. Take a look!

John Boyega’s Twitter

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Knock Off Toys – The Worst Of Near Copyright Infringement

I love thrift stores, consignment warehouses and flea markets. I mean I REALLY love them. The thrill of the hunt and never quite knowing what you will find is a rush for my little collector heart. But among the myriad of awesome deals on old toys, games and movies, you are more than likely to run into a few toys that look oddly familiar yet wholly foreign. It is obvious that these toys where made to make a quick buck off of clueless parents looking for a quick and cheap toy for their kids. I’ve seen my fair share over the years, even bought a few that were just so outrageous that they had to be seen to be believed. Here are seven of the worst offenders that I have found will cruising the dark and weirder parts of the interwebs.

  1. Robert Cop – While his bigger brother Robo-Cop may have stolen the lime light, we have to give props to the every day ex-human cyborgs patrolling the streets.


2) E.T. Goes Pumping Iron – As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches this week, we all expect to add a few pounds. Thankfully E.T. has taken the appropriate steps to keep the calories off and go cruising for the ladies afterwards.


3) Episode 1 Han/C-3PO – You had one job, toy manufacturer…. 1 Job.


4) Super Cock – I really have no words for this one…. I just can’t right now.



5) Mow Gwai – Don’t get it wet, don’t expose it to sunlight and don’t teach it to say curse words.



6) Amicable Herculean – He may be a mutant turtle with a spear, but it seems like he may be a pretty decent fellow.



7) Ill Tempered Birds – Its not a sea bass, but these Ill Tempered Birds may make it in Dr. Evil’s organization.


Ash vs. Evil Dead – 2×08 – Ashy Slashy

As usual, this post will contain many spoilers.

Is anyone surprised that Ash isn’t quite as insane as it looks? His strange hunting outfit certainly didn’t fool this fan, although it look like Ba’al was adequately convinced.

Our limited time at the insane asylum looks like it’s coming to an end, and I for one couldn’t be happier because it looks like next week, they’ll be back in the cabin. Where it all started. Where we belong. Not only will we see the return to the cabin, but also the return of the Delta.

I was not sad to see Ba’al go, but he was not the only one to fall this episode. The other death left me a little sad, but excited to see what the loss of a friend has on Ash moving forward.

Let’s have a drink for our fallen Pablo. May he rest in pieces.

I’ll leave you today with a deleted scene of the summoning of Ashy Slashy.

Goldberg To Appear In Royal Rumble Match

There’s a reason Goldberg was made to look so dominant during his return tonight at the Survivor Series … The Sheet has learned he recently agreed to appear in the upcoming Royal Rumble.

Sources tell us the 49-year-old made the deal this week that will see him participate in a Rumble match for the second time in his career. This year’s event is in January at the Alamodome.For those who missed his return, Goldberg DOMINATED Brock Lesnar in a match that lasted only a few minutes — surprising the entire wrestling world.

No word at this point as to whether any sort of WrestleMania match is in the works. After watching tonight’s PPV though, we can only imagine that The Beast will be thirsty for revenge.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

Thoughts On Survivor Series (2016)

Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar in a two minute squash match… You can say I was disappointed in this match, I wanted to see Suplex City at least once or a couple press slams from Goldberg but I didn’t. This match was a lot better than their WrestleMania XX meet up.

The RAW vs SmackDown! Live Survivor Series match was one of the best I’ve seen. Sure the way Kevin Owens and Jericho got eliminated was odd, but I enjoyed the whole thing. The SHIELD reunion was a treat. Maybe in the future we can see a six man tag with the Wyatt Family-SHIELD later down the line. It was said the MVP from this match was Shane O Mac, but I think that title needs to go to Seth Rollins he had more match time than anyone.

Comet TV Giveaway!

Ever heard of Comet TV?  I  love it.  We got it here in Peoria, IL about a year to a year and a half ago.  It’s over the air here and it is a channel dedicated to sci fi and horror movies and tv shows.  It’s great.  Anyway we want YOU to get some free Comet Swag.  Check out the below aps about what it coming up on Comet this month and then in the comments below tell us what you are looking forward most this month on Comet and we’ll pick 1 lucky winner to win a Comet Swag Bag with the contents below.  Entries end on November 27th.

Check out this swag!

Head over to and find out where you can watch Comet TV. Then check out the new movies airing this month below and tell us what you’re looking forward to!

About Comet TV

COMET is a new free network dedicated to science fiction and horror programming, playing the best cult classics, sci-fi adventures and shocking horror tales sure to send a shiver down your spine!

Available on television digi-networks and online at, COMET offers something for everyone and has an incredible array of movies that you simply can’t get with a subscription to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

From wild adventures on Mars to critically acclaimed classics, COMET is the ultimate home of sci-fi and horror… and it’s all totally free, no subscription needed.

COMET is what you want a Sci-fi and Horror Channel to be!

Review: Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four

Moviemaking is hard. There are a lot of forces that have to combine in just the right way for you to be successful. To get a cast and crew together requires a hundred schedules to sync. You need equipment. You need film. You need time and patience. If you’re working on an established property, as they were in this movie, you need the rights to the property and all the individual characters.  Most importantly, if you’re going to get anywhere, you need money. 

But what actually killed Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four? WAS it money? Was it the film’s quality (or lack thereof)Was it the closed door Hollywood forces that be? Could it have been Avi Arad? The answer is maybe all of the above. 

In the same vein of The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?Doomed! takes a look behind the scenes of the 1994 movie and where it all went wrong. Through interviews with the cast and crew –most of whom have a shoulder shrugging, water under the bridge attitude about the whole experience– the filmmakers unravel the death of the Fantastic Four almost like a murder mystery.  

To look at the footage that is shown, it feels really obvious that this was never going to work. (Even the actors began to have their doubts the further into production they got.) To be fair though, it was a different time. The superhero movie was still not the money shoveling juggernaut it is today, and with the exception of Batman, the genre was still not being taken seriously. That said, wait for the limo scene, because…damn. You’ll know it when you see it.

If you’re interested in moviemaking, this one is worth a look. (If for no other reason than as a lesson on how not to let Hollywood screw you over.) Comic book fans might enjoy it as a way to either feel sadness or elation at the movie’s ultimate demise. 

 For those of you who want to make the effort, the finished product of the movie is available around, because that’s what the internet does. If you have seen it, let us know if it’s any good. I mean, bright blue spandex aside, it HAS to be better than Fan4stic. Right?  

Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four is out now in time for the holidays on DVD/Blu-ray. 

Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events New Trailer

We just got our first look at Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events a few weeks ago but they have dropped a new longer trailer that shows us what the scope of the series is going to be.  We get a lot more of Neil Patrick Harris and his zany dress up schemes as Count Olaf, a look at the look of the world in general, and some of the other characters that we can expect.  Can’t wait to check this out.  What about you?

New Kong: Skull Island Trailer

The King has returned in this new trailer for Kong: Skull Island.  We not only get to see more of the royal simian but we also get to see more of the creatures that inhabit Skull Island.  Skull Walkers, giant insects, and giant water buffalo make up the visual feast in this trailer.  Watch below and find out what sights await you on Skull Island.

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